To Grundsømagle Sø and Spodsbjerg Fyr

Posted on March 14, 2022 • 7 min read • 1,486 words
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To Grundsømagle Sø and Spodsbjerg Fyr

Our preparations leave a lot to be desired. Saturday morning and only clothes for a day and a half we managed to lay out. So we pack up the rest in the usual hurry between breakfast and Mausi’s morning nap — a very short time interval. After almost an hour everything is packed, the car is taken from the parking lot in front of the door, loaded and we are ready to leave. First destination for this weekend: Grundsømagle Sø. (Sø means lake — who would have thought it…)

Grundsømagle Sø

Since we left late, our little one fell asleep quite quickly and we, the model parents, noticed: We didn’t have any water with us… So our first unscheduled stop in Østrup is a supermarket shortly before the finish. A drinking water reserve is quickly bought here and then it goes on the last few kilometers to the hiking car park. It is important to always remain nice and quiet and no hectic maneuvers when parking and leaving. Otherwise the mouse will wake us up at the supermarket and it hasn’t been asleep that long.

Well, finally arrived at the lake… and now we would go explore the paths around the lake, but somehow today seems to be marmot day again. We wait and wait and wait and make ourselves lunch. And at some point our sleepyhead will also get something.

Some time later we finally start exploring Lake Grundsømaglese.

Between trees, a wooden footbridge leads through the swampy shore of the lake. Pretty sophisticated this wooden path. Even with overtaking bays like on narrow streets. But that is also necessary here. The whole area is clearly under water and doesn’t really invite for off-trail adventures.

The path leads to a bird watching tower. A staircase leads to the viewing platform.

However, we save the tower for the way back and follow the wooden footbridge into the reed area on the lake. Here it goes over a similar wooden path as before, deeper and deeper into the reeds. Several people with binoculars, spotting scopes and large cameras have come towards us here and now we can see why. The deeper you go into the reeds, the more birds can be heard.

Admittedly, when we were there, not too many birds were present. But that was already clear to us in the car. We had already joked that now at noon is the worst possible opportunity for bird watching. The animals are usually more active in the evening or early morning. In addition, the bright and strong sunlight from above is far from optimal for great animal photos. Nonetheless, we went because we didn’t really have that much choice. Now was the best opportunity for the three of us to set off.

We still enjoy the great path through the reeds and our mouse marvels at the trees and the water and how the reeds move in the wind.

It is not far from here to our planned pitch in Jyllinge. So we quickly make our way there to enjoy an afternoon coffee with a view.

Jyllinge Havn

We had already read on the internet that only 2 parking spaces are available here in winter. When we arrive both are still free. The sun shines directly at us through the windows and we discover a picnic bench and a great view of the sea.

However, happiness does not last long. A quick check reveals that there is no fresh water here! This is bad. We don’t have any with us either. We did a few more laps around the square, tried in vain to reach the harbor master, but nothing could be done. Unfortunately we don’t get any water here. And without water, at least today, we are unfortunately in a bit of a fix. In order not to lose any more time, we make our way to the two nearest parking spaces. First Marbæk and then possibly on to Frederiksværk. Somehow we fear that the small Marbæk Havn we know won’t be able to offer us a place in the winter season either. At least no water either.

Marbæk Havn

We wanted to try anyway. After all, we were here last fall and we really liked it. The view from the (only three) pitches is really phenomenal!

However, our premonition was to come true. Whether there was water here or not — the place is completely occupied by boats for wintering. Smart doesn’t fit in between here anymore. Not our Dumbo right now. So nothing helps, we have to continue to Frederiksværk.

Frederiksværk Havn

We don’t really know our way around here again, but the reviews of the place mentioned that the fish smokehouse is also open in winter and is therefore in operation here all year round. So, hopeful, we continue towards Nordsjælland to finally find the place for our night. After another approx. 40 minutes drive we arrive at the pitch in Frederiksværk Havn around 6 p.m. There is already another mobile home here and we can finally see our dinner in front of our inner eyes. So now we just have to fill up the water quickly and then we can make ourselves comfortable.

140 Danish kroner are required for the parking space. But the electricity is included in the price — very good for us. The sanitary house also has a water tap on the outside, but unfortunately we can’t attach our hose there. Nothing helps, the canister has to be carried again.

Luckily, dinner is on the table quickly and we can admire the view of the harbor as night falls.

After breakfast in the morning we explore the harbor a bit. We skipped that yesterday in the dark. Above all, we were glad that we didn’t have to drive back home without having achieved anything. Mobile homes are largely independent, but our little companion has their preferred times for meals and bed and we would like them to be respected.

The harbor turns out to be a nice little harbor with just that fish smokehouse (more on that later) and also a small playground. From there you have another great view of the pitches and thus also back to our Dumbo.

Spodsbjerg Fyr

After the small tour of the harbor we continue to Spodsbjerg to see the lighthouse there. From a parking lot on the beach, it always goes along the cliff up to the lighthouse.

In between, two runners come towards us with a baby jogger — downhill. That’s definitely fun. Uphill like us — I don’t know. To be honest, walking is exhausting enough.

Luckily we soon reached our destination and can enjoy the view from the lighthouse.

Lynæs Surfcenter

We actually wanted to be cooked for lunch today. The surf center in Lynæs sounds like a good address for a casual beach feeling and a small snack. Unfortunately, we had to realize that you probably should have reserved a table and you can’t see the sea from there either. So the plan is scrapped and we munch on our pastries from yesterday in the car with a view of the sea. So we stand in the parking lot next to the surf center and eat the pieces that should have been on the picnic bench in Jyllinge yesterday. It’s a good thing that plans always work out that way.

Freshly strengthened, all that is missing is a walk on the beach and our mouse has a lot of fun running through the sand and playing with the sand.

Fueling up

On the way home we make one last obligatory stop at the gas station. At the moment, diesel only costs 13.89 Danish kroner (approx. €1.87). You can call that dirt cheap at the moment.

But that was it with this weekend trip.

And right again!

Well, now that we know how to find a usable parking space here in Denmark in the spring, we thought: One more time! And so we drove back to Frederiksværk the next weekend and enjoyed coffee and cake in the sun.

The parking space here is just super nice! While there was only one other mobile home here last weekend, the parking space is almost full today with the best weather.
The next morning we used the mouse’s morning nap to thoroughly clean and tidy up the inside of the car. Part of this procedure is always the disposal of waste water. If you are traveling in a mobile home in Denmark, we can recommend the disposal stations at motorway service stations. They are distributed throughout the country, but sometimes at a great distance from each other. So some planning is necessary. We usually plan to drive past one of these places on our way home. The disposal works there always problem-free.

This means that our Dumbo is ready for longer tours again this year.

We’re excited to see where we’re headed.

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